Given recent legislation, it is certainly clear that companies need to better manage their records. Management oversight of corporate record’s policy is imperative. Access Information Management’s service can bring solutions.

Companies large and small including law, medical, accounting and architecture firms, banks, brokerage houses, non-profits and other organizations have entrusted their business-critical document management to us. Here are a few reasons why:


  • Thousands of square feet of storage space, even the most demanding document storage requirements can be accommodated.
  • Our facility features 24/7 state-of-the-art security and the protection of comprehensive fire suppression systems.
  • Customized shelving allows for the storage of all size boxes.
  • Each storage container and shelf location is assigned a barcode number, assuring 100% accurate tracking and monitoring.


  • On-site and off-site destruction options.
  • Services include carton shredding and bin rotation programs.
  • Locked disposal containers for secure collection.
  • Employees are 100% bonded and we ensure complete control and tracking of materials from retrieval through destruction on site, or in our own facilities.


  • Reduces storage space and costs.
  • Imaging software and high speed scanners to handle any volume.
  • Customized indexing/OCR option to facilitate search and retrieval.


  • State-of-the-art, 256 bit AES file encryption.
  • Restoring files can be done anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Logs and reports let you know what was backed up, when it was backed up, and how much storage space you are using.
  • Backup multiple computers within one main account for simple account maintenance and data recovery.

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