Common problems

  • Office crowding
  • Need disaster recovery and protection
  • Regulatory requirements
  • High cost of commercial office space
  • Don’t know what documents you have
  • Don’t know where key documents are
    1. Key administrative positions turn over
    2. Filing systems change over time
  • Can’t easily get to documents
    1. Boxes stacked too high
    2. Storage locker is inconvenient
  • Documents are not protected from humidity and water damage

Benefits of off-site storage

  • Eliminate the hassle of tracking and retrieving records
  • Documents are organized and tracked at all times
  • One-call document retrieval
  • Lower overall cost compared to commercial office space or public storage lockers
  • Safe, secure storage
  • Disaster back up plan
  • You always know
    1. What you have
    2. Where you have it
    3. How to access it
    4. When to destroy it