1. 5 Reasons to Outsource Document Conversion

    A document management service is able to take care of many aspects of document storage and handling. In addition to doing cloud data backups and providing document scanning services, a document management specialist can handle document conversions for you. Learn why it’s a great idea to outsource …Read More

  2. Why Your Business Needs Cloud Storage

    Document storage is a vital consideration for every business, whether in Chicago or elsewhere. A sound document management strategy incorporates the use of cloud storage for backup of important files. Find out why your business needs cloud storage and how it can benefit from this valuable service. S…Read More

  3. 5 Reasons to Shred Important Business Documents

    While many businesses are making the move to paperless document storage, countless others are still using hard copies of their most important business documents. If your business still stores paper files, you may be curious as to what you need to do with those important documents after they’re not…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Going Paperless Part 2

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  5. The Benefits of Going Paperless

    Going paperless could be beneficial for businesses of all shapes and sizes. At Access Information Management, we make it easy for businesses all over the Waukegan area to go paperless. We’ll handle everything from document scanning and shredding to data backup, so that all you have to worry about …Read More

  6. Common Document Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Part 2

    Common document management mistakes could cause you to lose money, your clients’ trust and so much more. Your business has a responsibility to protect the information that your clients, customers or patients entrust you with. But unfortunately, document management can be a lot more complicated tha…Read More

  7. Common Document Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Are you making common document management mistakes in your business? At Access Information Management, we are proud to be the go-to document management company in the Greater Chicago area, and as such, we’ve helped many businesses find a better solution for their records management needs. Many of …Read More

  8. Why Outsource Document Storage? Part 2

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  9. Why Outsource Document Storage?

    As a business owner or manager, you know how important it is to spend every dollar wisely. So why would you want to outsource your document storage when you are already storing your documents at your own facility? Believe it or not, it’s well worth the cost to outsource your document storage, and …Read More

  10. Welcome to Access Information Management

    Every company need records management. Regardless of whether you own a small, mom and pop retail store or a corporation that employs thousands of people, you need an effective way to manage your records. Without one, it creates distrust with your customers, leaves you open to losing data or data end…Read More