Your go-to document storage facility in Chicago and Waukegan.

When you need document storage you can rely on, there’s one company that stands above the rest — Access Information Management. As your premier source for all of your document management needs, we’ve got what it takes to safely store all of your documents in our state-of-the-art facilities. Our storage facilities feature everything you need to gain peace of mind in knowing that your documents are safe, protected and accessible when you need them, including:



Public / Self Storage

Above-floor racking

State-of-the-art inventory tracking

Motion detection security system

Monitored security system

Monitored sprinkler system


Pick up and delivery

2-hour rush delivery

24/7 access to all documents

Custom inventory of all cartons

Fail-safe barcode tracking system

Experienced, bonded personnel

Client reference room

Certified document shredding

Fax, photocopy, imaging services

Low-cost storage supplies

Document preparation and indexing


Rest easy in knowing that your documents are always safe, and that you can always access them when you need them.

Whether you’re holding onto documents so that you can stay in compliance with federal law or you still need to reference the information they contain, but you don’t need it on-hand all the time, it’s important that you always know that your documents are safe and sound. As you can see, our document storage facilities have pulled all of the stops when it comes to safety. We’ve taken every precaution to safeguard your physical documents, and when you rely on our team, you’ll never have to wonder about the safety of your documents.

In addition to ensuring that your documents are always safe, we also strive to ensure that you have access to your documents when you need them. With us, you’ll always have 24/7 access to your documents, and with our tried and true barcode tracking system, we have what it takes to find and deliver your documents to you efficiently when you need them most. Choose to have your documents emailed, faxed or even delivered in person to your door — it’s completely up to you!

For document storage you can rely on, choose Access Information Management.

Document storage isn’t something you should take lightly, and when you want to work with the best company in Chicago and Waukegan, Access Information Management is your only option. Experience for yourself why we’ve become your go-to document management team. Contact us today for your free estimate!