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Convenient, Secure, Affordable. Access vs. Self Storage Facilities – Access can save you money and provide services that self storage facilities don’t. If you are paying $100 or more per month for a self storage facility, the tables below show how much money you could be saving with Access.

Self Storage
(10′ x 10′ locker)
ACCESS Savings
11 22

Save 55% – 70%

Monthly Charge $100
Annual cost $1,200
3-year cost $5,400
5-year cost $6,000
Monthly $45
Annual $540
3-year $1,620
5-year $2,700
Annual $660
3-year $1,980
5-year $3,300

Access vs. other commercial record centers – Access is proud to provide superior security and service at rates significantly below those of our competitors.

   Cost Comparison — Access vs. Leading Record Center
Prepared for a recent client
Comparison of selected services
% Savings
   Document carton storage    12%
   Standard delivery(savings depends on number or cartons delivered)    40% – 72%
   After hours delivery(savings depends on number or cartons delivered)    47% – 59%
   Certified destruction    50% – 60%
   File indexing    26%
   Fax and telephone reference, scan on demand    45% – 57%
   Flexibility and convenience    priceless

Access vs. In-office storage

In office storage costs more than you might think. Eight 4-drawer file cabinets (18″ x 42″) take up 42 square feet of office space. If you pay $25 per foot per year for office space, that’s $1,050 just to maintain those file cabinets. Now consider the additional costs of maintaining those records: assume your office staff spends just 3 hours per week filing, retrieving, and searching for files. At $12 per hour for staff time, that’s another $1,800 you’re spending to keep those file cabinets in your office. Access can help you free up office space for revenue-generating activities and free up your office staff to focus on serving your patients, clients or customers.