Reliable data protection is critical in today’s information-driven business environment. However, most small and mid-size businesses continue to labor with manual tape backup processes that have proven to be extremely error-prone-with failure rates as high as 50%. Compounding this risk is the complex and time-consuming nature of tape backup-particularly for businesses with limited IT resources.

Now with Access Data Backup you can experience reliable automated backup and recovery of all your business computers, while eliminating the risks and burden of tape. Access Data Backup provides agentless Disk to Disk backup service that includes automated remote vaulting of data. Our product is simple to configure and is a zero touch solution once in place.

Fully Automated Solution

Access Data Backup service is a completely automated solution, eliminating the errors, labor and headaches associated with tape backup.

With our software online backups are performed automatically, so data is protected without manual intervention. Your data moves through your existing network connection, using state-of-the-art data security including AES encryption to a remote secure backup vault.

Even recovery is automated. You select the data to be recovered from a catalog of archived file versions and Access Data Backup automatically restores the data to your location. With Access Data Backup, the time you save on backup and recovery lets you focus on more mission-critical projects for your business.

Agentless Architecture

Unlike other online backup services, with Access Data Backup you are not required to install backup software on all the computers you want to protect. Thanks to Access’s “agentless” architecture, our client backup software only needs to be installed on one computer to backup and restore to the whole network. This host will collect data from all the devices on the network, process and store the data, and send a copy of it to the data vault.

This makes Access Data Backup easy to deploy, support and use on almost any network — thereby driving down storage management and data protection costs.

Rapid Recovery

With our rapid recovery feature, a “snapshot” of all data being backed up to the vault may also be stored locally on the network.

In the event of a data loss, the customer can restore the latest snapshot of the data directly from a machine on the local network instead of over the WAN.

In this way rapid recovery enables customers to restore their latest data quickly at LAN speeds — even if you’re using inexpensive WAN technologies such as DSL or cable.

Common File Elimination

Access Data Backup employs Common File Elimination Technology, which eliminates the need to back up common operating systems and software application files that are already stored in our vaults. This means that common files will not be counted against your backup storage, which reduces your backup account size and saves you money. Of Course, these files are available if needed during a restore.

Expertly Managed 24×7

With Access Data Backup, your company’s business server data is managed 24×7 by Secure Backup personnel. We have employed specialized systems and staff that automatically detect problems of backup or recovery, initiates corrective action and proactively notify you.

Supported Platforms and Operating Systems

Access Data Backup supports numerous platforms and operating systems, to provide you with flexibility today, and in the future. Secure Backup supports: Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris and all Microsoft server platforms as well as many others. For information on current supported versions you may contact us at anytime.

Access Online Backup Highlights

Access Data Backup subscribers benefit from our program in many ways. Below are a few highlights:

  • Faster backups — The disk to disk solution accommodates the shortest backup windows.
  • Faster restores — The rapid restore feature restores files at LAN speeds and without contacting data center personnel or waiting for a tape to be retrieved.
  • Monitored by experts — Your online backups are monitored by sophisticated software and a team of experts.
  • Automatic offsite data service — You receive the full benefit of a remote backup service because your data is automatically compressed, encrypted and transmitted to our data center; however, the protection doesn’t stop there. Your data is backed up disk to disk within our data center and replicated to a second offsite location. Redundancy is the key to data protection.
  • Agentless “One to Many” technology — Our technology supports multiple platforms which means no expensive agents to back up open files on any of these platforms: Windows ® NTtm / 2000 / XP / 2003, AIX®/ AS400®/ SCO®/ Solaris®, Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Domino®, Microsoft® SQL 2000, MySQL®, Oracle®, PostgreSQL.
  • Pay for what you use — Our simple philosophy is you should only pay for what you use, and you should decide what data you need protected. Our program allows you to decide on a case by case basis what to backup, how many generations to keep, and the frequency in which backups occur. You control all aspects of your data protection. Our team is also always available to guide you through data protection “best practices” decisions.
  • Bare metal restores — Have you ever rebuilt and restored a complete server, including all the applications, data, permissions and “systems DNA” in less than an hour? With Secure Backup you can. You are only limited by the speed of your LAN.
  • Disaster recovery — When a server is a total loss, you need to restore and rebuild that server on different hardware. This is a complex scenario that doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we will be here with the technology and expertise to get you though it. We can handle the whole process for you, or support you during the rebuild.