Why Access Online Data Backup?
Companies are rapidly changing from tape based computer backup systems to offsite backup services. The most common reasons for making this switch are:

  • Reliable data recovery.
  • Automated offsite protection / Tapes just don’t make it offsite.
  • Shrinking backup window.
  • Tape recoveries are slow and expensive.
  • Difficulty validating backups actually ran.
  • Total cost is too high.

It’s like insurance for your data.
In a recent downtime survey when asked: “at what point is the survival of your company at risk?” Respondents said:

  • 40% said 72 hours
  • 21% said 48 hours
  • 15% said 24 hours
  • 8% said 8 hours
  • 9% said 4 hours
  • 3% said 1 hour
  • 4% said within the hour

Access Online Data Backup Service is a fully automated way to protect your data.

The loss of your valuable business information can be devastating and recreating it is costly and sometimes impossible. When used for your full system backups or data only backups, Secure Backup is the most reliable and cost-effective way to protect your data.

A Secure Internet Backup
Our online data backup service maintains a comprehensive security policy that includes encryption, strong authentication, and digital certificates. We continually evaluate and maintain security measures to protect the infrastructure, including intrusion detection and advanced firewall capabilities. Physical access to our online data vault is controlled, and all system, network, and personnel on-site are fully monitored.

Simple and Fast
Our online data backup service offers one simple solution to protect your servers, desktops, and laptops. Files are restored on demand so you don’t have wait for tapes to be retrieved from an offsite location.

Your backup must be offsite
Our online data backup service automatically transmits your data offsite to a safe and secure location.
Access’s online data backup service.
Data is backed up using a Secure Backup appliance or by installing client software on an existing desktop, laptop or server.

Why use Access’s Online Data Backup Service?

Just like “it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop” remember that “it’s not the backup that’s important, it’s the recovery.”

According to Gartner Group, 93% of small to medium business backup their data to tape. However, Storage Magazine reported that over 34% do not test their backups, and of those that tested, over 50% found their tape backups fail to recover. Again, it’s the recovery that’s important. It is becoming clear that the one size fits all approach to tape backup does not meet the needs of today’s businesses.

In a recent survey, CMG Market Research found that over half of respondents indicated that their current backup and recovery solution doesn’t meet their needs. The problems cited were:

  • Can’t meet shrinking backup window.
  • File recoveries are too slow and expensive to recover files.
  • Difficulty validating backups actually ran.
  • Data recovery is unreliable.
  • Total cost is too high.

In the same survey, respondents were asked to name the most important feature desired in new solutions. The overwhelming response was “rapid and reliable recovery.”

Most backup and restore solutions fall short.

“Tape-based backup” solutions are generally cost effective and only require a moderate initial capital investment; however, “tape based recovery” is a different matter, with costs ranging from expensive to impossible depending on your luck. Reliability is also a serious tape issue, for SMB as well as world-class IT organizations. MSIT (Microsoft ITWeb) reports a 17% failure rate on LTO1 Drive restores. Tapes appear to be a sturdy media on the surface; however, according to Imation’s specifications, tapes must be stored between 41 and 89 degrees and 20-60 percent relative humidity. Tape rotations require constant human intervention and with that, you get inherent errors and a flawed process.

“Disk to disk backup and restore” solutions eliminate some of the tape problems, but add a few new ones. Fast and reliable, disk to disk data transfer is a good solution for short backup windows and quick reliable restores. However, it does leave us with a dilemma — How does my data get offsite? You could use removable drives, but you still need human intervention, and if you thought having 25 tapes in a rotation was expensive, try a bunch of removable drives. Quality disk to disk solutions require a significant capital investment and lack any type of offsite solution.

“Remote” or “online backup services” are ideal for some situations. They can accommodate a short backup window and can run automatically. Restoring small files is quick and easy; however, restoring a large file over the internet is a slow process that will probably require the data be written to a media and shipped overnight to your location. Most remote backup services require an agent on each protected machine and charge based on protected data which can be much greater than the actual compressed data stored.
Access’s online backup service delivers the speed and reliability of disk to disk with the added convenience and security of remote data vaulting.

This solution is brought to you with a very low capital investment and a small monthly fee. We allow businesses of all sizes to benefit from new backup technologies and the rapidly declining cost of bandwidth and storage. Since our backup is a disk-based backup solution with remote data vaulting, you receive the benefits of both a “disk to disk” and “remote backup” solutions.

Our online data backup service’s success is a product of a dual strategy combining best technologies with best practices. Our online backup is built on best in class software that currently protects over three petabytes of data and is growing daily. Our technology is also the first agentless solution to enable bare metal restore capabilities across distributed enterprises.

Secure Backup subscribers benefit from our program in many ways. Here are a few highlights:

  • Faster backups
  • Faster restores
  • Monitored by experts
  • Automatic off-site data transfer to a secure location
  • Agentless Technology
  • Pay for what you use
  • Bare metal restores
  • Disaster recovery

Access Data Backup is the most comprehensive online backup solution available today. With minimal capital investment, pay as you go pricing and unlimited expandability, this will be the last backup solution you need to buy. Imagine the security that comes with knowing your data is safely backed up every night. That is what you receive with the zero touch Secure Backup solution.

The time to review your current backup and recovery solution is now:

Everyone knows backups are important but did you know 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster?

50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy immediately. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)
Today, a full backup with a complete disaster recovery plan is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Secure Backup eliminates many variables from the data recovery portion of that plan.