A document management service is able to take care of many aspects of document storage and handling. In addition to doing cloud data backups and providing document scanning services, a document management specialist can handle document conversions for you. Learn why it’s a great idea to outsource your document conversion tasks.

Easy Conversion to the Formats You Need Most

Why waste time converting when you can have someone else do it for you quickly and easily? You have far more valuable things to do to keep your business running smoothly. Let the document management experts at Access Information Management take care of conversions for you. We’ll do it expertly and correctly, so you won’t need to buy expensive software for obscure conversions, nor will you have to waste your time doing repetitive routine conversions.

Ready Access and Retrieval

When a document management company handles your conversions, you benefit in many ways. Your documents, in original form and in all the converted versions, are now available for easy access and retrieval from the cloud service. This translates to greater efficiency plus ready access to your document in different formats, for your convenience. If a client or a manager, for example, wants to see information in one file format, but a different department needs it in another file format, you can easily retrieve both and send the right formats to the requesting parties.

Data Quality and Security

Electronic document conversion done by an outside vendor that specializes in storage, organization, and management of files has the added benefit of higher levels of data integrity. A reputable document management company knows how to prevent data breaches, and its experts know how to convert files quickly and securely.

Document Retention

Has your business ever misplaced an important document, never to be found again? With a document management company, you won’t have to worry about this. Your converted documents will be safely stored and retained, available to you any time you’re ready to see it. We have an efficient system in place for storage, conversions, retention, and backups so you don’t have to deal with these tasks, which many businesses find cumbersome. Let Access Information Management do the important document busy-work for you.

Cost Savings

Streamline your business by outsourcing all your time-consuming yet indispensable document management jobs. Whereas many employees find converting files to be confusing and time-intensive, a company like ours that’s dedicated to performing conversions and other document management tasks is able to do the job quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost to you.

Contact Access Information Management when you’re ready to improve your workflow by outsourcing document conversions and other management tasks. We’ll handle your conversions professionally, in the process safely storing your information in the cloud. We serve Waukegan, Chicago, and surroundings, and as part of our document conversion service, we’ll convert to all electronic formats, including the in-demand PDF and TIFF, scan your records to compact disc (CD), and perform both secure encryption and document indexing for your convenience.

Access Information Management can also take care of all your document handling needs, including certified document shredding, scanning, imaging, and more. Take a look at our overview of document management services we offer, and contact us for a free estimate today.