Document storage is a vital consideration for every business, whether in Chicago or elsewhere. A sound document management strategy incorporates the use of cloud storage for backup of important files. Find out why your business needs cloud storage and how it can benefit from this valuable service.

Smaller IT Department

By using offsite backup services, you reduce the need for a large, specialized (and often costly) internal IT department. While you’ll always need someone aboard with IT expertise, you won’t need to hire so many high-salary, in-house resources when you contract out backup services to an offsite business that specializes in document management. You can then apply the savings in personnel costs to other departments within your company, using it instead for research, training, or marketing, for example.

Increased Reliability

Perhaps the biggest reason businesses turn to cloud storage for their document storage and management needs is the greater reliability they enjoy, which brings peace of mind. Reliable data recovery is a must for the survival of virtually any company today. No business can afford to lose valuable information or waste time and costly resources trying to retrieve it. By utilizing cloud storage, you take advantage of a safe, reliable method to store, access, and retrieve important documents.

Greater Cost Savings

In addition to saving money through a more streamlined IT department and quicker data recovery times, you’ll enjoy greater cost savings, thanks to eliminating the need for expensive document storage infrastructure. With an offsite service, you won’t need to constantly purchase new storage servers or maintain them. Cloud storage can save you a great deal of money on reduced equipment expenses alone.

Improved Protection

Protecting your documents should be one of your highest priorities. Few companies know how to properly protect sensitive information and important files. Having a dedicated information management services company handle your document storage means it’ll be done correctly, with the high level of protection your business requires in order to protect not only the business itself, but all its employees, clients and consumers, vendors, and business partners as well. Reputable firms that specialize in document management know how to protect files from data breaches or data loss.

With less equipment to purchase and maintain, fewer IT staff members to support, greater reliability of data storage, easier access to documents, improved protection of sensitive data, and overall cost savings, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are turning to cloud storage for their data backup and document storage needs. What’s more, you’ll be helping the environment by using an offsite service instead of duplicating efforts and operating extra storage servers that pull energy to run.

Access Information Management can help you with a range of document management services, including document retention, storage, shredding, imaging, scanning, and more. You can rely on our cloud data backup service for fast, dependable backups and restores. Our experts monitor everything to ensure the process works smoothly, and you only have to pay for what you use. Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from our range of services.